Equipment and Services Available for the Visually Impaired

Equipment Descriptions:

The Closed-Circuit Television or CCTV, by TeleSensory, greatly enlarges printed matter and pictures, displaying them on a television screen. This machine aids patrons in reading newspapers, bills or photographs. This piece of equipment was given to the Library in memory of Kent A. Eicher and is located in the Periodicals area on the first floor, across from the Circulation Desk.

The Reading Edge or Kurzweil Reader allows users to scan up to 20 pages of text into the machine's memory. A computer inside converts the scanned text into a spoken voice, which reads aloud to the user. It can scan columns, spell out words, and read at variable speeds. This piece of equipment came to the Library through a generous grant from the Webster Foundation and is located on a cart at the Reference Desk on the second floor (it may be wheeled into study carrels for privacy).

Demonstrations of this equipment are available by stopping in at the Audiovisual Department or by making an appointment by calling the Audiovisual Department at 477-5224.

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