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217-477-5223, ext. 114 | Sabrina Henriques, Executive Director

Danville Library Foundation
319 N. Vermilion St., Danville, IL 61832

Danville Library Foundation logo

Mission Statement
The Foundation's mission is to increase community support of the Danville Public Library. We do this by raising and managing funds in order to broaden and enhance library services and promote education and cultural opportunities in support of the Library’s mission.

The Danville Library Foundation is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization as determined by the Internal Revenue Service.

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The general purposes for which the foundation is organized are to solicit, establish and maintain, through receipt of gifts, donations, legacies, devices and fund-raising activities, a fund or funds of personal property or real property, wheresoever situated, or both, and to use and apply the whole principal and income thereof exclusively for the following charitable, scientific or educational purposes:

  • To aid, develop and promote in providing adequate facilities for the Danville Public Library, which would include, but not be limited to, new construction, remodeling, preservation and development of its Danville Public Library Facilities.
  • To promote interest in and use of the Danville Public Library and its facilities by the public through broad public information activities.
  • To promote and aid in communicating with the general public, other corporations, foundations, agencies or other associations interested in the promotion, use, support and improvement of the Danville Public Library.
  • To organize and maintain a membership of library supporters who shall be called Friends of the Danville Public Library.

History of the Library and Foundation

The Danville Public Library was established in 1883.  A nine member Board of Trustees appointed by the Mayor governs the library.  More than 80% of its annual operating budget comes from local property taxes in an amount approved by the Mayor and Danville City Council.  An annual grant from the Illinois State Library provides approximately 40% of the library’s book budget.

The library has 162,000 books for children and adults; 4,000 videos, 6,200 recordings of music and books on tape and compact disk; and 1,600 rolls of microfilmed newspapers and vital records pertaining to Vermilion County.  The library also maintains subscriptions of 14 area and state newspapers and 338 magazines.  On an average the library circulates over 300,000 items a year.  The library is open 61 hours per week, Monday through Saturday, and is visited by an average of 600 people per day.

The library offers 4 unfiltered public Internet stations for adults over 18.  A parent must accompany children under 18.  The Children’s Department offers 6 networked computers and 8 stand-alone computers for use by children and adults for word processing and educational programs.  The library offers a large meeting room and a small conference room for use by the public.  Between forty and sixty community organizations use the rooms per month.

The library is a member of the Lincoln Trails System, a multi-type library consortium spanning nine counties in East Central Illinois.  The library’s holdings are included in a database of more than 1 million titles, with access to libraries' collections throughout the state and the world.

The first volunteer group organized to help support the Danville Public Library was The Friends of the Danville Public Library, organized by the Altrusa Club of Danville in 1987.  The Friends recruited volunteers to run the annual book sale, hosted book signings by Vermilion County authors, and held quilt raffles to raise funds for the library.

In 1986, a committee of the Danville Noon Kiwanis Club contributed all the legal work to officially establish the Danville Library Foundation for the purpose of providing adequate facilities for the Library.  It also was to communicate with the public to promote interest and support in the library.  The Foundation was incorporated January 1, 1987 with the initial meeting of the board on January 16, 1990.

The Foundation Board can consist of up to 20 volunteer members with three-year terms with one-third the members being elected or reelected each year.  Ex-officio members on the Board are the Director of the Library and the President of the Library Board of Trustees.  The Board is scheduled to meet quarterly with potential special meetings called throughout the year. Committees are appointed by the board and are also working throughout the year.  Committees on the Board consist of Executive, By-Laws, Friends, Nomination, Fund Development, Finance, and Donors Recognition.

In the 1993 to 1996 building campaign, “Bring the Dream Alive in ‘95”, the Foundation worked with the library staff, the Board of Trustees, and community volunteers to raise $1.5 million for the building of the new 39,800 square foot facility and all its new furnishings.  Community support was tremendous with over 1300 donors contributing to the campaign.

The Foundation today continues to work to support the Danville Public Library.  The Foundation has since hired an Executive Officer to assure the continued growth of the Foundation endowment funds for the benefit of the library in the future.

Fall Book Sale

+ Previous Foundation Projects

“I Love Libraries”  Offers Two Months to Celebrate

With the days quickly growing colder, what could be better than curling up with a cup of hot chocolate by the fireplace and getting lost in a good book? 

I Love LibrariesTraditionally, February is Library Lovers' Month, a month-long celebration of libraries.  It is a time for everyone to recognize the important role libraries play in the cultural and economic success of local communities and the nation as a whole. 

Today, the Danville Public Library is more popular than ever with some days reaching over 1,000 visitors.

Whether families depend on our library for bestselling books, DVDs, audio books, magazines, entertaining and enriching  programs, children's story times or access to computers and the Internet, the Danville Public Library is the “heart” of our community. 

This year, during the months of  January and February, Danville area residents like you, are encouraged to show how much they love their local public library.  

To celebrate, “I Love Libraries” hearts will be available for a $1.00 donation at the check-out desk.  You can sign your name, the name of your favorite author, the name of a library staff member or the name of your special Valentine on the heart.  The hearts will be prominently displayed in the Library throughout the two months. 

All proceeds from the “I Love Libraries” campaign support the literacy programs and community outreach services of the library through the Danville Library Foundation.

“Paws To Read”
T-Shirt Design Contest Winner Announced

The Danville Library Foundation hosted a T-Shirt Design Contest for teens ages 12-18 to promote the Summer Reading Program.  The designs were judged according to originality, creativity, and best use of this year’s Summer Reading Program theme, “Paws To Read”.

McKenzie Zarn, 15 is the Grand Prize Winner, and her design will be printed on T-shirts that will be available for purchase for $10 each at the Library during the Summer Reading Program.  McKenzie receives a $50 Meijer gift card and a free T-shirt featuring her winning design.

Runner-up Deavyn Transou, 14, receives a $25 Meijer gift card.  All participants receive a coupon for one free book at the Summer Used Book Sale on July 26, 2014.

T-Shirt Design Submissions
(Click thumbnails to view larger images)

Kandy Byrd, 12

Jonmika Steadman, 14

Kenji Byrd, 12

Kenji Byrd, 12

Liam Dominick Sherman, 12

to our Winner and Runner-Up
to all who entered!

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What Memories Do You Want to Ensure Are Timeless?

For you, the library may be a place where your early childhood memories were created.

Your legacy is something that continues a tradition, bond, connection or relationship you share with family, friends and loved ones.  It has great meaning to you and to those you leave behind.

Over the years, the Foundation has been blessed to receive very generous gifts from the estates of a lot of wonderful people.  Many of these bequests have been set aside, endowed, and the interest earned supports programs and services at the Danville Public Library.  Gifts such as these allow you to design your philanthropy and share your cherished memories with future generations.  These “designed” or planned gifts made through your Will, insurance policies, and other giving methods, hold a tremendous amount of potential for a Foundation.  They  allow ordinary people to make extraordinary gifts.

If you are considering a bequest to the Danville Library Foundation, please take a moment to contact us.  We can help by providing sample clauses for your Will, verify that you’re using the correct wording and ensure that your gift to the library suits your needs.

If you’ve remembered us in your planning, we’d like to hear from you.  Please give us the opportunity to personally thank you.  Your legacy ensures the future of our beloved community resource.

To those of you who’ve remembered the library in your Will, we’d like to say thank you now—for planning ahead and for giving the gift of literacy for future generations.   What memories could be more timeless?

+ More information on Giving Opportunities

Download our printable donation form

The Foundation provides vital support to the Danville Public Library. Gifts and donations from individuals, businesses and foundations are critical to providing additional resources for both on-going and special projects at the Danville Public Library.

The Foundation offers several gifting options from general support to restricted program support. The various gifting options are as follows:

  • General Endowment
  • Technology Endowment
  • Annual Fund
  • Dr. Angelo and Alberta Anaclerio Endowment


Gifts of Cash
Gifts of cash may be made outright or pledged over a period of up to five years. Checks should be made payable to the Danville Library Foundation. If you are an itemizer, your gift is fully tax deductible up to 50 percent of your adjusted gross income. Any excess may be carried forward for up to five years. You may designate the use of your gift, by enclosing a statement regarding its use.

Gifts of Appreciated Property
If you own stocks, bonds, mutual funds or other assets that have increased in value since the time of purchase, you may find it advantageous to give them to the Danville Library Foundation. Your outright gift of long-term, appreciated securities is exempt from capital gains taxes and, if you itemize, you may claim a charitable income tax deduction equal to the full fair market value of the property at the time of transfer. For gifts of property, your gift is fully deductible for up to 30 percent of your adjusted gross income, and like gifts of cash, may be carried forward for up to five years.

Life Income Gifts
Donor may make a gift to the Danville Library Foundation and receive direct financial benefits including an income for life for the donor and/or the donor’s spouse, and a charitable income tax deduction. There are several options including the charitable gift annuity, the deferred gift annuity and the pooled income fund. These options require a minimum gift of $5,000, and the gift may be designated to benefit any department or program at the Danville Library Foundation.

Charitable Remainder Trusts
A charitable remainder trust is a personalized life income gift that provides a donor with a lifetime income and a charitable income tax deduction. The donor selects the payout rate, usually between 5 and 7 percent providing the donor, and the donor’s spouse, with an income every year for life. The higher the payout rate, the lower the charitable tax deduction. If the donor funds the trust with appreciated securities, the donor will avoid capital gains taxes. The donor selects the trustee who may invest in almost any investment including tax free bonds. Donors may designate the remainder of their trust to benefit any program or department.

Gifts of Real Estate
You can make a gift of commercial or residential real estate to the Danville Library Foundation and receive substantial benefits. For an outright gift of real estate, the donor receives a charitable income tax deduction based on the fair market value (appraised value) of the property. If you are considering leaving your home to the Danville Library Foundation through your will, you may wish to consider giving it now but retain the right to live in it during your lifetime. You are still responsible for paying taxes, insurance, and maintenance costs, but you do receive a substantial charitable income tax deduction in the year the gift is made. In some cases, real estate may be used to provide a life income stream through a charitable remainder trust or other gift planning option.

Estate Planning
For many donors, a gift made through a will or trust is the most realistic way to make a major gift. Property, including cash, securities, jewelry, works of art, and real estate, may be given through a will or trust. Through estate planning provisions, a donor may leave to the Danville Library Foundation a specific dollar amount, for example, $100,000 or a specific percentage, such as 25% of the estate. The donor may stipulate whether the bequest is for the general support of the Danville Library Foundation or for a specific purpose. A bequest may also be made in honor or memory of another individual. All outright bequests to the Danville Library Foundation are exempt from federal estate taxes.

If you are interested in talking to the Executive Director about gifting programs, gifting options, or establishing an endowment in memory or in honor of someone, please call the Foundation office at 217-477-5220 Ext. 114.

Sabrina Henriques, Executive Director

Board of Directors 2017-2018

President – Carla Boyd
Vice President – Frank Brunacci
Treasurer – Mike Marron
Secretary – Tonya Hill

Pete Goodwin
Dr. Tom Herrmann
Amy Hoose
Jacqueline Lacy
Cynthia Nacco
Gary Resh
Tom Stone
Toni Towne
Fred Underhill
Jaclyn Vinson
Millie Wilson
Tammy Wilson
Lois Wise
Ryan Anderson – Representing Leadership Danville
Ex-Officio Board Members
Linda Bolton
Theresa Tyner
Honorary Member
Bill Satterwhite