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Below are help videos for using your tablet, e-reader, or other device.  These devices are used to access our "e-collections": My Media Mall, hoopla Digital, and more.

“iPad Settings, Photos, & Camera”
“How to Add Library Books to Your iPad”
“iPad Apps”
“iPad Tips and Tricks”

Kindle Fire
“Kindle Fire Settings”
“Kindle Fire Internet Tips and Settings”
“Adding Library Books to Kindle Fire”
“Kindle Fire Apps and Tips and Tricks”

Kindle Fire HD
“Kindle Fire HD Settings”
“Getting Library Books for Your Kindle HD”
“Kindle Fire HD Internet or Web”
“Kindle Fire HD Apps”
“Kindle Fire HD Tips and Tricks”

“Registering and setting up nook”
“Nook Tablet Settings”
“Nook Tablet Internet Usage”
“Library books on nook”
“Nook Tablet Apps Tips and Tricks”

Nook HD
“Nook HD Settings”
“Nook HD Internet Usage”

For more information or assistance, contact the Audiovisual Dept. at (217) 477-5224.