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List of materials we do and do not accept

The library welcomes monetary gifts, bequests, or memorials so long as their use is not restricted by conditions which would conflict with the standard practices and policies of the library.   All such donations shall become the property of the Danville Public Library.

The library also welcomes gifts of books, recordings, or other library materials.  Such gifts will be added to the collection in conformity with the "Gifts of Materials" section of the Materials Selection Policy, 3510, of the library.  Any materials that do not fit the needs of the library will be disposed of in whatever manner the library decides.

Items purchased with memorial contributions will be shelved with the regular collection.  Special provision is made to designate gifts, memorials, or bequests or purchases made from money received as a gift.

Special collections, such as historical materials, books having more than literary value, or manuscripts, will be accepted by the library only if proper provision can be made for their housing, use, and preservation.  These special items not accepted by the library shall be returned to the donor or shall be referred to interested parties for consideration.

The library staff will not place a cash value on donated material.  Although all gifts in the form of money or materials may be tax deductible, the donor is responsible for determining the fair market value.

In order to provide evidence of a gift for tax purposes, the library will provide a letter of thanks.  This letter will provide either a note on total funds donated or, in the case of materials, a brief inventory of the gift, including the total number of paperbacks and hardbound books, number of records, etc. donated.


If interested in learning more or applying for Outreach volunteer positions, please contact the Outreach Dept. at (217) 477-5227.

Outreach Department Office Assistant
The Outreach Department delivers books and other Library material to residents of Danville living in Senior Centers, Group Homes, or are otherwise unable to come to the Library.

  • Duration: Ongoing. Minimum commitment is one hour between 9:00 AM – 5:30 PM M-F.
  • Duties Include: Printing & folding Library brochures, shelving material, alphabetizing material, getting items ready for circulation, or as needed.
  • Qualifications: If under 18 must have parent permission. All volunteers are required to complete an intake form.


If interested in learning more or applying for Foundation volunteer positions below, please contact Sabrina Henriques( or (217) 477-5223 x114.

Book Sale Staff Volunteers
The Library Foundation hosts three used book sales per year (March, July and November).  The sale runs three days (Thursday evening, Friday all day, and Saturday morning) and requires volunteers that entire period.

  • Duties include:  Greeting people at the door, assisting people with book selection, re-shelving miss placed books, tallying book purchases, assisting with check-out, helping people use carts to take large purchases to their vehicles, clean up and moving books at the end of the sale.  In addition, occasional pricing of books according to guidelines may be required.  Each volunteer receives a free book for every hour worked.
  • Qualifications: Requires standing for several hours, bending and stretching, ability to lift up to 25 lbs. is a plus, would prefer absence of allergies to dust, previous experience with book sales is helpful, but not necessary.  All volunteers are placed according to interest, skills and position availability.

Foundation Office Assistant

Volunteer position to assist in the Foundation Office: filing, data entry, updating and assisting with mailings.